School Break Programs

The School Break Special Programs take place during school breaks (public school standard). We recommend these programs to students who wish for intense, focused boot camps which will increase their understandings on the selected course. Many students take this chance to catch up to their classes, keep up, and even get ahead. We also have our special course- the intense courses on SAT and SSAT Preparation- for the students aiming to attend a private school or a prestigious university, so please keep this in mind as you scroll down or skip to the interested programs by clicking on the links below.

Spring Break Special Program

Fall Break Special Program

Winter Break Special Program

Spring Break Special Program

This program takes place during the standard public school Spring Break period. Designed to help students falling behind catch up, keep up and get head, this program is focused on helping students understand the overall course, and helps students with their weak areas. For more information, please call us or contact us by clicking here.

Fall Break Special Program

Taking place during fall break (public school standards), this program specializes in intensely training students on the selected courses for a short period of time, focusing on Student Growth. We recommend this program for students struggling in classes or for students who wish to have a firm grasp of the course material. For ambitious students, we have our one-on-one individualized tutoring, which allows students to learn as much as they can without being held back by other students. There are limited spaces, so please register today to reserve your place.

Winter Break Special Program

The Winter Break Special Program takes place during winter break according to public school standards. This program focuses on overall grasp of the courses chosen, as this marks the half-way mark of the school year. In our small group classes, students will work together to increase their overall understanding of their course(s), and in one-on-one individualized tutoring sessions students will be able to get a personalized help on their weaknesses and confusions on their course(s). For more information, please click here and we will answer your questions as soon as we can.