Seasonal Programs

The Seasonal Programs are long-term programs designed to increase the overall academic ability of the student by building on their strengths and helping them convert their weaknesses into strengths. Because these programs are long-term, teachers are able to get a more thorough analysis of the student’s needs, and base their lessons on the current level of students on a more personalized level. We recommend the seasonal programs for students who wish to dramatically improve their chances of getting ahead in class(es) or in getting the best scores in SAT, SSAT, or any other tests. Please remember that the courses mentioned below are only a preview of all the programs we have while you scroll down or click on the links provided below to skip to the interested programs.

Spring Program

Summer Program

Fall Program

Spring Program

The Spring Program usually takes place in early January to late may. Focused on maximizing the overall grasp of learned concepts, this Spring Program allows students to get an overview of what they learned and what they have not learned yet, helping them get a strong understanding of the course. The most popular programs we have are our Homework Help classes, SAT/ SSAT Prep and individualized tutoring Classes. Other programs- such as various 4th – 8th classes, ELL, etc  -are also high in demand. Please check with us to see if the class you are interested is ongoing by clicking here.  Although we would love to accommodate every student, we have limited spaces – so reserve your spot today.

Summer Programs

The Summer Program is one of our biggest – and the most popular – programs. It offers various types of program plans- students can get our 3 week program, our 7 week, and so forth. There are various courses available, such as our math courses, starting with Math Course I to Trigonometry, or our English courses, such as ESL, Essay Writing, or Vocabulary. You may also wish to select one of our popular Test Preparation Courses, which will help your student gain the best chance in attaining the score they want. Again, the classes and programs listed here are only a preview of what we have available, so click here to find out more information or give us a call today.

Fall Programs

Usually taking place around Early August until the midst of December, the Fall Program focuses on College Entrance and College Preparation for high school students and helps younger students understand what is expected of them in their new grade levels and classes. We have a College Entrance and Preparation Workshop for 12th graders, and right now we have the SAT / SSAT Special “D-Day” Program in plan for 2016~2019 graduates. For more information on these special programs listed above, click on the program/workshop name above. For more information on other programs, click here now.