Welcome to our academy

Founder and Director – Sun Yong Lee


Ivy Prep Academy was established in 2013 by former Sun Academy Principal, Sun Yong Lee. Mrs. Lee a world renowned Asian educator is known for her expertise in educating thousands of Asian-Pacific students for over twenty five years. However, this is not the founder’s first taste with successful tutorial type institutions. Her first tutoring center humbly began in 1992 in the center of Honolulu, Hawaii.  The accomplishments from her first tutorial center resulted in the launch of The Sun Academy High School that she founded in 1998. Unfortunately, the institution was short-lived, due to the decline in student enrollment and shut its doors in 2001. Mrs. Lee called this  “a blessing in disguise,” as this event gave her an opportunity to travel the United States and share her expertise in Math and English, with hundreds in the Asian communities. Her work quickly evolved in the college arena, high school and elementary levels. her tutelage became so overwhelming in these mainland communities with repeated requests for assistance that the educator pondered upon a tutoring re-establishment.


Thus, the present Ivy Prep Academy in Honolulu became the answer to the increasing demand. The majority of Sun Yong Lee’s students are children of first generation Asian immigrants or Nationals living in the United States.  As an avid educator, Ms. Lee believes that the sole purpose and mission of her academy is to prepare all students through excellence, so that students will be highly prepared to excel in various National Tests, maintain excellent study habits,  and succeed academically through an accelerated – learning program.


As founder and director, Ms. Lee is committed to give all her students the opportunity to attain a college education at the highest level. She perpetuates the Collegiate Ivy League method of studying and expectations; giving hundreds of students the belief, desire, and preparation to attend an Ivy League University after high school. Thus, the Ivy Prep Academy is emulated in the same way with higher standards and a caring attitude. The Academy in Honolulu has quickly tended to these Ivy League goals in just two years after inception. Already, students have been accepted into Ivy League Schools and colleges. Others have garnered notable recognition for receiving almost-perfect scores on the SAT test. This has been a major accomplishment in such a short time and one can only imagine the astounding admittance in growth for Asian students humbly aspires for the “American Dream.”

Ms. Lee has also kindly donated to several Asian Charitable organizations.